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Resources for Using the Strategic National Stockpile Ventilator Assets

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Pandemic events present multiple challenges to the health care environment and the ability of the respiratory therapist to provide mechanical ventilation to all persons in need. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) is a repository of ventilators that would be used to supplement the supply currently in use by the nation’s acute care facilities. These ventilators can be requested and allocated to areas of need in the event of a pandemic.

The AARC has partnered with the CDC/SNS to provide necessary resources for the respiratory therapist to prepare for mechanically ventilating a large population during a public health emergency. Information is provided for the three ventilators in the SNS: the LP10 (Covidien), the LTV1200 (CareFusion), and the Uni-vent Eagle 754 (Impact Instrumentation). In addition to ventilator-specific information from the manufacturers, we have provided educational information for respiratory therapists and for the cross-training of respiratory therapy extenders for medical emergencies.


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