Pandemic Flu/Mass Casualty/
Disaster Planning

As fears of a pandemic flu continue to rise and as mass casualty events, such as Katrina, remain in our minds, the health care communities are placing a greater emphasis on planning for catastrophic events.

To that end, the AARC has issued guidance and is committed to helping its members plan and execute appropriate responses as needed. This page collects some of the resources that may be helpful to that end.

Guidelines for Acquisition of Ventilators to Meet Demand for Pandemic Flu and Mass Casualty Incidents
This guidance document helps agencies and organizations give consideration to the issues that must be considered for ventilator acquisitions for emergency stockpiles. A letter has been sent to state planning agencies.

Join Disaster Response Roundtable
Our Disaster Response Roundtable is an active e-mail list of AARC members discussing issues relating to disaster preparedness. Join in the discussion.

See How RTs and Their State Societies are Getting Involved in Disaster Planning
Check out our state-by-state list of RT-related activities. If you and/or your state society are getting involved, email a brief synopsis of your activities to and we'll add you to the list. (Please put "Disaster Planning" in your email header.)


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