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Good Press: AARC Members in the News

April 30, 2014

Here are our latest newsmakers —

Janelle Gardiner
Janelle Gardiner

Paul Eberle
Paul Eberle

Jeremy Kenyon
Jeremy Kenyon

Carl Mottram
Carl Mottram

Deanna Raper

  • Weber State University students went above and beyond to help Utah move from 26th to 3rd place in the number of emails and letters sent to Congress in support of HR 2619 and their efforts took center stage in this article in the WSU Signpost. “Overall, WSU got more than 550 emails sent from our competition alone,” student Michelle Williams was quoted as saying. Also recognized in the article: students Sydney Shiba, Elizabeth Wilson, and Melissa Eaton, and faculty members Janelle Gardiner and Paul Eberle.

    Weber Pre Professional

    Weber Baccalaureate
  • Jeremy Kenyon was honored as a Hometown Hero at a recent fundraiser for the kids of military members and the award was covered in this article in the New Orleans, LA, Times-Picayune. The Army veteran served as an active duty soldier from 1998 to 2008.
  • Trisha Miller’s students were planning to host a Great Strides Walk for cystic fibrosis and they got the word out in this article in the Jacksonville, NC, Daily News.
    Great Strides Walk Trisha Miller's students raised $843 for CF.

  • Wendy Huffman’s home care company was recently named Business of the Month for the donations it makes to community organizations and the honor was covered in this article in the Salida, CO, Mountain Mail. Wendy and her colleagues, who were pictured in the story, regularly volunteer at local health fairs and other events as well.
  • TaLoni DuBois talks about the new pulmonary rehabilitation program launched by her hospital in this article in the Clark Fork Valley Press/Mineral Independent out of Plains, MT. “It is our hope that we will soon be able to offer four courses per day so we can meet the need for this valuable service in Sanders County,” she was quoted as saying.
  • Carl Mottram received the John V. Bergen Award at the 2014 Leadership Conference hosted by the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI), and the honor was recognized in this press release. Carl, who was also sworn in as treasurer of the CLSI board of directors and member of the Executive Committee, is the only RT to ever receive the award.
  • Sherri Miller volunteered to work at a recent career fair for school children and is pictured showing an aspect of respiratory care to a fifth grader in this article in the McDowell News out of Marion, NC.
  • Deanna Raper’s dependability and dedication to patients and staff helped to earn her an Ambassador award from her hospital and the recognition was covered in this article in the Eaton, OH, Register Herald. “Deanna’s dedication and excellent spirit and attitude toward Reid exemplify the highest standards. She sacrifices her personal time whenever anyone needs her and never considers it a sacrifice,” one coworker was quoted as saying.
  • Sarah Brundidge is back in the news along with fellow student Zachary Balluff and Rush University faculty members Megan Dubosky and David Vines for their efforts to raise funds for respiratory research. This article in the Beacon-News out of Chicago, IL, explains how Megan’s mom inspired them to act.

    Rush University
    Sarah Brundidge gets ready to run for respiratory research.
  • If you were watching “The Price is Right” on March 27 you may have seen one of your fellow members. Lenny Nyangwara was on the show that day, and this article in the Gaithersburg, MD, Gazette shares the news with his community.

And these hospitals have been covered for earning Quality Respiratory Care Recognition from the AARC –

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