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Here Come the Renegades!

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May 7, 2014

Sputum Bowl

Maybe you’re on a Sputum Bowl team that didn’t win at your state competition. Maybe you’ve never been on a team before but would like to give it a try. Either way, you know you won’t be competing in this year’s Nationals in Las Vegas, right? Hold on a minute—turns out, yes you can! Thanks to a new category being dubbed “Renegade Teams,” anyone who assembles a Sputum Bowl team of AARC members from a single state can apply to bring their team to Vegas. So if your team didn’t win top honors at your state competition this year, or if you just want to dive into the competition head first in Vegas, fill out our Renegade Team application form, send it in by Aug. 29, and we’ll see you in December! For more information on the Sputum Bowl, including our Rules Notebook and Frequently Asked Questions, visit our Sputum Bowl page. As you’ll see, the 2014 event promises to deliver the high adrenalin rush you’ve come to expect from this annual competition. Our “Ask an Expert” and “Call Your Posse” lifelines will return in Vegas, and we have a number of surprises on tap as well.