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Program Committee Revs It Up for AARC Congress 2014

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February 24, 2014

Even before the last light is turned out in the convention center, planning for the next year’s AARC Congress is underway. It starts with a request to anyone who has an inspiration for lecture and program topics. At the next step those ideas get turned in to action at the AARC Program Committee.

That meeting occurred earlier this month, and their job was mammoth: Nearly 1,000 ideas for programming were considered by the group. They met to turn those proposals into the actual content and programming that will make up the Summer Forum and AARC Congress 2014.

Hear from Ira Cheifetz, AARC Program Committee Chair as he discusses what attendees can look forward to at AARC Congress 2014:

Get a glimpse into the work that goes in the Program Committee and learn more about your favorite topic areas, by watching these short clips.

And when you’re done, put this on your radar—AARC Congress 2014 in Las Vegas, Dec. 9–12. Better yet, get your best savings now, by registering early

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Additional vignettes: