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Watch for Email Changes Soon

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October 24, 2013

Watch your AARConnect email deliveries for changes as early as this week.

AARConnect emails will now be delivered to you with a new “From” address. Real time emails will come from  “On behalf of [author's name] for AARC.” Digest emails will show as coming from AARC.

Once this change is made, if you feel you are missing your regular AARConnect emails, please work with your internet provider or IT department and ask them to whitelist This is the same domain as your other community emails (community invitations, contact requests, etc.) have been coming from, so it is likely not necessary that you will have to do anything special.

Whitelisting is no longer necessary.

The vendor of our AARConnect community says deliverability of all of your AARConnect emails and discussion list postings will be improved as a result of this upgrade.

Put a Face to Your Name

To get even more out of AARConnect, check out our “Put a Face On It” campaign. By uploading your picture, you’ll personalize your experience and get more from the networking capabilities of AARConnect.

Watch for the winner of our first two-week period soon.