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Put COPD in the Driver’s Seat this October

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August 6, 2013

In just a couple of months we’ll all be celebrating Respiratory Care Week 2013. What are you doing to mark the occasion?

There are many great ideas to help celebrate our profession, but one of the best is to host an educational display at your hospital or school focusing on COPD. With the new emphasis on COPD resulting from the Affordable Care Act regulations, plus the fact that this chronic lung condition is now the third leading cause of death, COPD is on everyone’s mind these days.

Educating the public and our fellow health care professionals about COPD will help ensure more people are diagnosed at an earlier and more treatable stage of the disease, and it will also raise awareness of who we are and celebrate and possibly inspire others about our profession.

This is where DRIVE4COPD can help. With an array of ready-made resources, including the five question COPD risk screener, DRIVE has the tools you need to host a successful event.

Getting started is easy! If you are interested in having DRIVE4COPD be part of your RC Week celebrations please email our COPD coordinator, Jason Moury.