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AARC Launches Growth Campaign

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January 2, 2013

AARC membership numbers have grown continuously over the years. But 2013 is pegged as a year when we want to grow faster and higher than ever before.

Why is a strong membership so important? “People pay attention when you represent a majority of your profession,” says George Gaebler, AARC president. “Advocacy work is easier, representing the organization is more powerful, and our resources to help you are multiplied.”

Frank Salvatore, co-chair of the Membership Committee, who will be spearheading the campaign says that this is a campaign for everyone. Any Active member joining or renewing during the defined campaign periods will be eligible for an iPad or Kindle Fire.

And the campaign has already begun! Launched Nov. 1, 2012 and running through Oct. 31, 2013, the first prizes will be awarded Jan. 31. “So anyone paying in November, December or January, will have a chance to win one of our technology awards,” says Frank.

Gary Wickman, co-chair of the Committee, stresses that more members mean more opportunities for AARC to deliver better education, better management tools, and better communication and information resources for everyone. “More members allow us to lead change on a national and state level for better patient care through advocacy and education,” he says. Students will be included in a campaign that will launch in the first quarter and they will have the opportunity to win prizes of their own. In addition, a friendly competition among the State Societies will make the campaign even more fun as we see who can grow by the largest number and the highest percentage over this next year.