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Five Sections Publish Summer Bulletins

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July 11, 2012

The Adult Acute Care, Continuing Care/Rehabilitation, Diagnostics, Education, and Home Care Sections have just published the Summer issues of their Bulletins. Here are your direct links to these informative publications:

Adult Acute Care: We have two interesting articles in this issue. The first outlines the RT’s role in preventing VAP in the ED, while the second provides a great overview of interstitial lung diseases related to occupational exposures. Section Chair Keith Lamb also makes the case for your attendance at the upcoming AARC International Respiratory Convention & Exhibition in his “Notes” column—and talks about a trip he made to Prague that you will be able to read more about in AARC Times later this year.  

Continuing Care/Rehab: Section Chair Debbie Koehl reviews section activities in her “Notes” column and urges everyone to consider submitting a nomination for our Specialty Practitioner of the Year. She also shares the experience her patients and their families had at this year’s Lung Walk. From there we have an article about a great patient organization you can share with your own patients, plus updates on newly approved respiratory drugs and pulmonary rehabilitation resources.

Diagnostics: How to write for the Bulletin takes center stage in Editor Lisa Becker’s “Notes” column, and from there we have an article on smoking cessation in the mentally ill, and another on ways you can increase the value of your hospital based lab.

Education: The value of volunteerism is the topic of Editor Robert Fluck’s “Notes” column, while Section Chair Joe Sorbello talks about 2015 and Beyond in his. Joe also shares his experiences as an expert witness in a legal case in another great article. And Jim Allen rounds everything out with a new cartoon guaranteed to leave you with a laugh.   

Home Care: Section Chair Greg Spratt shares the value of setting meaningful goals for your oxygen patients in his “Notes” column, and then we have two articles sure to get you thinking. The first addresses common audit mistakes, while the second covers a new treatment for OSA that might be a good alternative for your patients who haven’t had success with CPAP.  

The remaining five Specialty Section Bulletins—Long Term Care, Management, Neonatal-Pediatrics, Sleep, and Surface & Air Transport—will publish their Summer editions next month.

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