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CDC Campaign Hits Smokers Hard

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March 15, 2012

The Centers for Disease Control, with the backing of the Department of Heath and Human Services and Surgeon General, today announced the launch of a new campaign called “Tips from Former Smokers.”

In a graphic ad campaign, former smokers, who have been negatively affected by smoking, tell their stories.  AARC sat in on a press event today where the campaign was announced.

Thomas Frieden, CDC Director, noted that while the campaign is hard-hitting, it was shown to be effective in the communities where the ads were tested; smoking did decline.

Surgeon General Regina Benjamin noted that while tobacco use has declined significantly since the first Surgeon General’s report in 1964, progress has stalled since 2003, with smoking rates remaining steady. They are backing this campaign as an underpinning to the recent release of the latest Surgeon General report on preventing youth smoking.