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App Brings AARConnect To You from Your Phone

January 12, 2012

Mobile Membership App
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A new app brings ideas and discussions right to your phone when you need them the most.

AARConnect, the social network that connects you member to member, now has an app that allows you to read and respond directly to discussions right from your phone.

Akin to a Facebook app for your phone, Mobile Membership delivers the discussions you follow without your computer. Read the Help Line, your section discussions, and other communities you follow. Then respond or initiate a new discussion from your “always on” connection to our social network. This means you can write a question to the Help Line while you’re walking down the hall and maybe have an answer or two by the time you reach your patient’s room.

You can also:

  • Find friends on the directory
  • Read discussions and blogs
  • Search for files posted on AARConnect
  • Get direct connections to our FB and Twitter feeds
  • Read updated AARC news

How to Begin Using the Mobile AARConnect App

  1. Go to the place where you buy apps for your particular phone
    • iPhone/iPad = App Store
    • Android = Market
    • BlackBerry = AppWorld
  2. Search for “Mobile Membership” and find the icon called M2 (from DubMeNow).
    M2 logo
  3. Click to download and accept all of the permissions.
  4. In the search box, look for “AARC”, then click on our name when you see it.
  5. Now you will log in for the first time. Logging in with your AARC user name and password is a one-time operation. Thereafter you will always in the application.
  6. Now start exploring the many features of the mobile app.