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Strategic Planning Helps State Societies Grow

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August 30, 2011

Several State Societies have now benefitted from the services of a planning consultant offered by the AARC Board to states who want help in setting strategies and goals.

Garry Kauffman, RRT, FAARC, a former AARC president, has been that person serving as facilitator, and has thus far visited six affiliates as their boards meet to plan priorities.

Kauffman says the process leads affiliate boards to identify core values as key drivers in the creation of a mission statement and operating plan with initiatives, timelines, responsible persons, and outcome metrics.

Pennsylvania (Kauffman’s home state) was the first to undergo the process and today stands as the state with the largest number of AARC members in the country—4000 total members. Kansas came off a planning session earlier this year with renewed vigor and has developed methods for getting practically every member involved with the society by using the AARC’s social networking platform, AARConnect, to do so.

Iowa was the most recent state to have a planning activity and one of their board members, Amy Weiford, submits this report.

2011 IaSRC Strategic Planning Retreat

On Friday evening, August 19 and Saturday, August 20, a core group of dedicated respiratory therapists in the state gathered for a strategic planning retreat facilitated by Garry Kauffman, of Pennsylvania.

This thought-provoking, mind-boggling, and fun-filled retreat included interactive exercises to create a new mission statement, core values, core strategies, and action plans that the IaSRC Board of Directors will strive to achieve in order to bring a focus to the society.

These individual spent hours of their own time to develop a forward thinking direction for the respiratory therapists in the state of Iowa. Attendees feel energized with the accomplishments of the retreat and look forward to new things ahead. This retreat was a “hoot” as Garry would say.

Look for the new IaSRC mission statement and a powerful Iowa Society for Respiratory Care in the near future!

Participating in the planning were (from left) Anne Stark, Garry Kauffman (Facilitator), Amy Weiford, Cathy McDaniel, Julie Jackson, Faye Dickerson, Mary Tyrrel, Randy Gorres, Jim Diehl, Cindy Duncan, and Tammy Jarnagin.