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AARC Roundtables Part 2

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January 3, 2012

Last week we told you about six Roundtables offered to AARC members at no extra charge. This week we finish the task by highlighting the other five Roundtables on the list:

Military Roundtable: You don’t have to be an active duty military member to join this group—or even a veteran of service. But if you want to support our men and women in uniform, this is the place to do it, as members talk about everything their own experiences caring for patients on the battlefield and how modern military medicine is saving so many more lives, to what they are doing to support the troops back home.

Neuromuscular Roundtable: Neuromuscular patients often have significant respiratory issues, but working with these patients requires a specialized skill set. Members of this Roundtable share not only their best practices and clinical experiences with colleagues in the area, but also their expertise with those interested in learning more about caring for these special patients.

Research Roundtable: The respiratory care profession relies on research to support clinical practice and demonstrate the value of the RT to the health care system. Getting your foot in the research door, however, can be a challenge. With a seasoned group of researchers as core members, this Roundtable is possibly the best resource out there for novice investigators in respiratory care. If you have a research question that you would like to answer, you’ll find the mentoring you need to embark on a project here.

Simulation Roundtable: Medical simulation is taking both formal and continuing education programs by storm, as more and more schools and hospitals appreciate the benefits of providing students and staff with state-of-the-art simulators for training purposes. Learn about the latest equipment on the market and how your fellow RTs are putting it to use from the members of this group.

Tobacco-Free Lifestyle: Medicare recently upgraded its coverage of tobacco cessation counseling to cover services for all Medicare patients who use tobacco (not just those with a smoking-related condition, as was the previous rule). That means more hospitals will be looking into these programs, and whether you are already involved in tobacco cessation, or just want to get more involved, you’ll find the resources you need via this group. Many members have worked in tobacco cessation for years now, and know the ins and outs of helping patients kick the habit for good.

Click on the links to inspect any or all of these informative groups, then click “Join Community” if you want to participate. Part 1 of our look at the AARC Roundtables focuses on the other six on our list.