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AARC Roundtables Part 1

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January 3, 2012

The AARC supports ten Specialty Sections to give members an opportunity to network within clearly defined groups of clinicians. Focused around the major practice areas in the profession—such as adult acute care, neonatal-pediatrics, etc.—they carry an extra membership fee and deliver a host of benefits, such as monthly eNews newsletters and quarterly Bulletins.

But what if you want to get even more specific? The AARC is here for you too, with 11 Roundtables designed to zero in on even more closely defined practice areas, and what’s more, they are all open to any member who would like to join at no extra charge. The primary benefit: dedicated email discussions lists brought to you via the Association’s new social networking site, AARConnect.

Here’s a closer look at the first six on the list:

Asthma Disease Management: National statistics on ED visits and hospitalizations for asthma continue to point to a need for more comprehensive disease management programs for the condition, and members of this Roundtable have a special interest in making that happen. If you work with asthma patients in the inpatient or outpatient setting, the discussions found here will bring you up to speed on the latest thinking in this area, programs that are working for your colleagues in their facilities, and even a place to turn to for assistance when preparing to sit for the AE-C exam.

Disaster Response Roundtable: Ever since the planes hit the twin towers in 2001, our nation has been busy preparing for the next big disaster, and if and/or when that happens, respiratory therapists will be a big part of the care delivery process. Members of this Roundtable aren’t waiting until the worst happens to share resources and best practices, and they invite anyone interested in being prepared to join them in the process.

Geriatrics Roundtable: For years we’ve heard about the coming “aging of the population.” On Jan. 1, the first baby boomers turned 65, folks, so it isn’t just coming—it’s here. As key clinicians for chronic lung disease patients, RTs know all too well the challenges that come with caring for the elderly, and this Roundtable is your ticket to better understanding your patients and their special needs.

Hyperbarics Roundtable: Medical indications for hyperbaric treatment run the gamut from chronic wounds to “the bends” suffered by deep sea divers. Therapists are often called upon to manage hyperbaric units and deliver the treatments. It’s not the typical job description for RTs, but if it’s included in your bag of tricks, you can find colleagues on this Roundtable who can provide you with professional direction on key practice issues and help answer your questions about specific patients when they arise.

Informatics Roundtable: It’s no secret health care has become a data driven industry, and therapists charged with collecting, manipulating, and analyzing data to study and manage respiratory care services have their hands full trying to keep up with the latest developments. Tap into colleagues in similar situations via this Roundtable, where the discussions include applications targeted at the individual, departmental, and institutional levels.

International Medical Missions Roundtable: We’ve all heard and read about RTs who have volunteered their time and talents to assist health care providers and patients in resource limited nations around the world. This Roundtable plays host to those who have gone on these missions—and those who would like to follow in their footsteps.

Click on the links to inspect any or all of these informative groups, then click “Join Community” if you want to participate. Part 2 of our look at the AARC Roundtables focuses on the other five on our list.