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Good Press: AARC Members in the News

August 19, 2010

Check out our latest list of newsmakers—

Abe Johnson

Lisa Trujillo

Lynn Feldman

Charlie G. Brooks Jr.

Daniel Hazen

Patrick Johnson

Richard Hinds

Jean-Herve Mondestin

  • Educator Donna Neal and RT student Alison Turner talk about how difficult it is becoming to get into allied health programs in this article in the Greenville, NC, Daily Reflector. “There’s hundreds of applicants, so you’re just kind of crossing your fingers and hoping your grades will get you in,” Alison was quoted as saying. She counts herself lucky to be one of 18 students accepted into the program last spring.
  • Frank Hart is noted for giving a talk on asthma this article in the Ledger out of Lakeland, FL.
  • Cherie Hyssong explains why the hot summer weather has been sending more people with asthma to the emergency department in this article in the Frederick, MD, News Post, noting soaring temperatures increase body temperature which in turn increases metabolism. “When your body’s metabolism increases it demands more oxygen,” she was quoted as saying. “And if you already have asthma and your body is demanding more oxygen, it’s very hard for your body to catch up.”
  • Abe Johnson is noted for his promotion to dean of the health sciences division at his college in this article in the Dallas, TX, Morning News.
  • Lisa Trujillo is featured in two articles in Modern Ghana, both related to her most recent medical mission to the country. This one quotes Lisa on the crucial role nurses play in the nation’s health care system, while this one cites the team’s intention to collect pulmonary function test results for a study on lung damage caused by cooking over coal pots indoors and other forms of pollution in Ghana.
  • Bill Rocks is noted for serving on a Presidential Search Committee at his college in this article in the Cumberland, MD, Times-News. Bill is one of five faculty members in the prestigious group, which also includes representatives from administration and other areas related to the school.
  • Lynn Feldman is featured for serving as captain of her town’s medical rescue squad in this article in the Westfield, NJ, Patch. (We’ll have more on Lynn’s long-time involvement with this team of volunteers in an upcoming issue of AARC Times.)
  • Barry Gorin comments on his facility’s receipt of the AARC’s Quality Respiratory Care Recognition in this article in the North Penn, PA, Reporter. “Grand View Medical Company therapists and our entire staff are committed to providing the highest quality care and we’re proud to receive this recognition as a sign of our quality,” he was quoted as saying.
  • Charlie G. Brooks Jr., is noted for receiving the 2010 Robert H. Miller Award from the NBRC in this article in the Tennessean out of Nashville.
  • Jessica Lopez expresses concerns over the sale of her hospital system to a physicians’ group in this article in the Riverside, CA, Press-Enterprise.
  • Daniel Hazen is featured for taking on a summer job as a park ranger and firewatcher in Colorado in this article in the Craig Daily Press. (We’ll have more on Daniel in an upcoming AARC Times as well.)
  • Patrick Johnson is mentioned as a new faculty member at Genesee Community College in this press release issued by the school.
  • We’ve included a couple of stories about Richard Hinds’ bid for school board in Rochester, MN, over the past few months. Now this article in the Post-Bulletin says Richard received enough votes in the primary election to make it on the ballot this November.
  • Shane Blamires explains what it’s like to live with a rare genetic disease called alkaptonuria—also known as “black urine disease”—in this article on His physician credits him with helping to uncover the condition, which he began researching when spinal surgery revealed he had a spinal disc that had turned black. “Shane’s been a real go-getter,” Dr. Jeffrey Butler was quoted as saying. “He’s done a lot of the leg work and that’s been a big help to me.”
  • Jean-Herve Mondestin is noted for receiving a Certificate of Appreciation for his participation on a team that recently traveled to Haiti to help the earthquake victims in this article in the New City Patch out of New Jersey.
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