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Good Press: AARC Members in the News

March 22, 2010

See who’s been making news lately—

Teresa Charland

Brian Kessler

  • Rodney Robinson comments on CPAP therapy for sleep apnea in this article in the Carroll County Times out of Westminster, MD.

  • Teresa Charland talks about caring for non-compliant chronic lung patients at her skilled nursing facility in this article in the New Haven, CT, Independent. The article notes the facility is the only one in town with a respiratory therapist on staff.

  • Laura Novotny comments on going back to school to be an RT in this article in the Asbury Park, NJ, Press. She’s pictured along with her instructor, Mary Lambert, as well.

  • Maria Aries talks about her eight-year-old’s participation in an 8K race for kids in this article in the San Diego, CA, Tribune. The race was held to kick off a literacy program.

  • Mario Zamora provides some first hand knowledge about sleep apnea in this article in the Las Cruces, NM, Sun-News. Mario not only has sleep apnea himself, but helps others with the condition as clinical manager of a sleep lab.

  • Felix Gregorian is noted as one proud dad in this article in the Chelmsford, MA, Independent. Son Dro Jonathon is getting ready to graduate from the Naval Academy, and younger brother Gregor Davit is a student at West Point. The boys are following in their dad’s footsteps—Felix is a 22-year veteran of the Army Reserves who has served in Afghanistan.
    Felix Gregorian

  • Leona Evans shares her excitement about the donation of an ambulance to her college in this article in the Hays, KS, Daily News. “The Respiratory Therapy department and the EMT classes will now have an opportunity for students to learn in a true emergency environment,” she was quoted as saying.

  • Denise Davis comments on a Founders Day celebration at her college in this article in the Shreveport, LA, Times.

  • Cheri Satcher is pictured in this article in the Greenwood, SC, Today, about new bedside testing equipment being used by RTs at her hospital.

  • Brian Kessler is noted for supporting a smoking ban before a city council meeting in this article in the Evansville, IN, Courier & Press. “We have seen the effects of secondhand smoke,” he was quoted as saying. “The evidence and dangers are pretty clear.”

  • Harry Willis congratulates one of his staff for winning an Employee of the Month award in this article in the Houston, TX, Herald.

  • Janis Sabol comments on the upcoming allergy season in this article and videoon the WVEC-TV web site out of Virginia. “I think the amount of moisture that we've had is just going to contribute to a high mold count and I think people who have allergies are just going to need to be very careful and cautious this spring,” she was quoted as saying.

And here are the latest facilities to receive great coverage for receiving the AARC’s Quality Respiratory Care Recognition

  • Pediatric Home Service in this press release on

  • Muskogee Regional Medical Center in this article in the Muskogee, OK, Daily Phoenix.

  • New Hanover Regional Medical Center and Cape Fear Hospital in this article in the Lumina News out of Wrightsville Beach, NC.