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Cowtown and Other Cities Participate in Great American Screen Off

November 4, 2011

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What do cows and COPD have in common? Well, not really a lot, but Drive4COPD screeners were as common as a cow in the Fort Worth Stockyards Thursday where a mass screening took place.

Dallas/Fort Worth was just one of four cities in the U.S. where a Great American Screen Off activity was held. In attendance at all of them were members of the AARC participating in screening visitors and locals at the events.


The day started with an appearance on Good Morning Texas for Danica Patrick, respiratory therapists and staff members from the AARC.


In Fort Worth, NASCAR driver Danica Patrick wowed the crowd and AARC’s Tom Kallstrom shared the stage with her while presenting information on COPD. Her day started with a morning TV appearance with local RTs.

Helping at the event were respiratory therapy students from Tarrant County College.

Great American Screen-Off Events also occurred in Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles, where other Drive4COPD celebrities, Patty Loveless, Michael Strahan, and Bruce Jenner appeared. Each of the celebrities has lost a loved one to COPD. Patrick talked about the loss of her grandmother and the impact on her life as a result.

State Contest Ending
A contest has been underway to see which AARC state society could screen the most members of the public to find those at risk for COPD.  A goal of 10 screens per AARC member has been set. The contest winds down on Nov. 22.

Tom Kallstrom urged AARC members to “get your screeners in now. We're doing this because we want to make a real difference in the lives of millions of people who may have COPD and don't know it.”

The daily cattle drive heralded the beginning of Drive4COPD festivities.

Tom Kallstrom and Danica Patrick await their turn to address the crowd.

Tom Kallstrom talked about the respiratory therapist’s role in caring for those with the 4th leading cause of death—COPD.

Screeners hit the streets of Fort Worth for Drive4COPD’s Great American Screen-Off.

Screeners reached out to tourists in the popular Stockyards area who were there to see the cattle drive and meet Danica Patrick.