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AARC is a Partner in the Year of the Lung initiative. We have joined in a movement with other pulmonary organizations around the world in one mission: to educate and promote lung care initiatives.

August—Back to School with Pulmonary Hygiene

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School may still be out, but as the summer winds down, parents and children are thinking about going back to school. For our pediatric patients with asthma, allergies, or other respiratory conditions, that means a greater risk of infections as they once again come together in close quarters that just naturally foster the spread of colds and the flu.

As respiratory therapists, we can make a difference by educating our patients/families now about the things they can do to cut down on these infections this school year. Here are some great resources you can use to tie your Year of the Lung activities to the need for good pulmonary hygiene in the classroom—

Do It

  • Customize this AARC press release with the name of a local AARC member and then send it to your local newspapers and TV stations. It’s an easy way to inform your community about four simple measures parents can take to keep their kids safer from infections this year.

  • Use the AARC’s Peak Performance USA program to partner with your local schools on asthma education.

  • Tell parents of your asthma and allergy patients to notify teachers, nurses, coaches, and others about their child’s condition—including lunchroom issues if the child has peanut allergy.

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Share It

Ask your local schools to post these flyers about good pulmonary hygiene—

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