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AARC Members Urged to Participate in DRIVE4COPD Project

July 27, 2010

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A webcast announcing the AARC’s involvement in the DRIVE4COPD project was held Monday, July 26. The half-hour program is now available to AARC members and gives an overview of the campaign and the AARC’s involvement.

The DRIVE4COPD project is a way for respiratory therapists to reach the public with a message about COPD and to raise awareness of the respiratory therapist at the same time. You will learn how you are the key to reaching thousands of undiagnosed COPD patients. AARC President Tim Myers and President-elect Karen Stewart will tell you how to get involved.

We have set an ambitious goal. We believe the 50,000 members of the AARC can each reach 10 members of the public, so that we can touch 500,000 individuals who need to learn more about COPD.

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