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Tell Your Docs About the AARC’s New Office Spirometry Certificate

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June 10, 2010

PhotoMany primary care and other physician offices are now using office-based spirometry to assess their patients for COPD and asthma. But the quality of the testing has been called into question.

The AARC has developed an Office Spirometry Certificate (OSC) that can help these offices ensure the quality of their tests. Physician offices with staff who have earned the certificate may also qualify for an additional 1% of Medicare reimbursement as part of a quality improvement program.

The first universal test of spirometry capabilities, the OSC requires applicants to provide documentation of training or experience related to simple office spirometry, pass an online written exam, and submit satisfactory tracings from patient sessions for review.

Applicants who successfully complete all sections of the program will receive a certificate that is renewable on an annual basis.

As an AARC member, you can help spread the word about this valuable new program to the physicians you work with in the hospital and other settings.