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Joint Commission Inviting Comments on Tobacco Measures

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September 8, 2009

AARC is asking respiratory therapists to provide comments to a Joint Commission project on the measures for assessing and treating tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use and dependence for hospitalized patients.

The Joint Commission is inviting comments from the public. A survey is available on their site and must be filled out by September 30.

The AARC has alerted several sections and the Tobacco Free Lifestyle Roundtable about the survey, but all public comments are invited.

We have noted that in the demography section of the survey (available under the link above) that Respiratory Therapist is not identified among the possible respondents. Please click “other” and type in “Respiratory Therapist” rather than just checking “Other Allied Health Care Professional.” This will let the Joint Commission know that respiratory therapists are important stakeholders with opinions that are important in improving healthcare. Additionally on the last question on the demography page you must select “Review ALL Measures” or you will get only the alcohol measures and not have access to the tobacco measures.