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In Survival Mode? Best Practice Depot Can Help

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June 3, 2009

A recent report from the American Medical Association (AMA) tells the story many of you around the country already know first hand: health care is no longer a “recession proof” industry.

According to the report, 48% of hospital CEOs have cut staff since the economic downturn began last September.

What can you to do retain your FTEs? Save on costs, of course, and the AARC is building a new tool aimed at helping you locate these strategies.

Available exclusively to members of the Association’s Management Section, our Best Practice Depot features a simple database where you can quickly and easily share information about the best practices and/or cost saving initiatives that have worked for your department and review what has worked for other managers.

This information can then be viewed online, generated in a hard copy format, or exported to a spreadsheet by other members looking for proven strategies to implement in their facilities.

These days no one has the time or money to invest in brainstorming new and improved best practices. As the Best Practice Depot fills up with successful strategies posted by you and your peers, you won’t have to reinvent any wheels—just hop on and enjoy the ride, compliments of your colleagues around the country.

Not a member of the Management Section? Simply add section membership to your AARC membership package and start taking advantage of the Depot and all the other benefits of section membership today.