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Twitter Tuesday—Tweet with Us Tuesday, April 28

April 16, 2009

Twitter TuesdayNo doubt most of us are still learning what Twitter is and what Twitter does. (Hint: It’s the newest Internet phenomenon.) But if you are already a Twitterer we invite you to take part in AARC’s “Twitter Tuesday” on April 28.

On that day, we’ll ask each of you at some time during the day to make a posting about the AARC. Let’s see how far we can reach, how many followers we can touch. Whatever it is you tweet that day about the AARC should include this: #aarctt. (What’s that? It’s a hashtag, explained in more detail below.)

By having a mass effort to post a message on one day, we’ll be creating buzz about the organization that can ripple through many layers of “followers” or readers of Twitter. It’s just a simple experiment to see the power of our collective energies and build a little awareness about our organization.

How do you participate?

  1. Create an account at

  2. Write an entry in Twitter on April 28 that includes something about the AARC. Include this in your tweet:  #aarctt. Remember you only have 140 characters to say something.
  3. Later in the day do a search at and look for #aarctt. See how many folks participated. (Creating a hashtag and code that each of us puts in our tweet allows us to see the collective power of our work. It’s a convention that’s being adopted by users of Twitter to organize messages.)

Here are some samples to get you thinking:

AARC is cool. #AARCTT

This year is my 13th year of AARC membership. Yea me! #aarctt

# aarctt Love the postings on AARC’s new Twitter site – aarc_tweets.

As more and more people begin participating in Twitter, we’ll have more awareness-building activities and community events online. Let’s start with something simple and build the momentum.