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New Blood Gas Guideline Available

April 9, 2009

A new edition of a blood gas and pH analysis guideline has been released and AARC members had input into its development.

AARC reps Carl Mottram and Susan Blonshine served as advisors to the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute, which has released the second edition of Blood Gas and pH Analysis and Related Measurements: Approved Guideline (C46-A2).

The guideline address blood gas, pH, and related measurements such as hemoglobin and hemoglobin fractions, oxygen content, hemoglobin-oxygen saturation, electrolytes, hematocrit, glucose, and lactate as measured in blood. It covers appropriate specimen collection, terminology, performance characteristics, preanalytical variables, analytical considerations, calibration, and quality control issues.

The second edition was enhanced to contain the latest information on analytical interferences, calibration traceability, and approaches to alternative quality control. In addition, a discussion of essential recommendations for cooximetry and measurement technologies is included.

The Guideline is available from the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute.

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