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2007 AARC Respiratory Congress
Advance Program

AARC’s 23rd New Horizons Symposium®
Sunday, December 2, 1:00 P.M.—4:55 P.M.

Update on Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Open Forum

1:00 P.M.–1:25 P.M.
Mechanisms of Pulmonary Dysfunction in Chronic Lung Disease
Neil R MacIntyre MD FAARC, Durham NC
This presentation reviews the physiologic abnormalities encountered in patients with severe chronic pulmonary disease. It discusses which of these abnormalities are potentially amenable to improvement with pulmonary rehabilitation and how such improvement can be measured.

1:30 P.M.–1:55 P.M.
Exercise Therapy in Chronic Lung Disease
Richard Casaburi PhD MD, Torrance CA
This presentation describes the types of exercise that have been investigated in pulmonary rehabilitation and compares their effects. Included are the muscle groups involved, exercise frequency, and the duration and intensity for optimum effects.

2:00 P.M.–2:25 P.M.
The Roles of Pharmacologic Agents, Supplemental Oxygen, and Ventilatory Assistance in Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Richard ZuWallack MD, Hartford CT
This presentation summarizes the drugs that have been studied as adjuncts to pulmonary rehabilitation and the available evidence for their effectiveness. It also reviews what is known about the effects of using supplemental oxygen and ventilatory assistance during rehabilitation.

2:30 P.M.–2:55 P.M.
Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Lung Transplantation and Lung-Volume Reduction Surgery
Carolyn L Rochester MD, New Haven CT
Pulmonary rehabilitation plays an important role in both lung transplantation and lung-volume reduction surgery. This presentation reviews the evidence and summarizes the current status of rehabilitation for these patients.

3:00 P.M.–3:25 P.M.
Outcomes of Pulmonary Rehabilitation: An Evidence-Based Review
Andrew L Ries MD, San Diego CA
Pulmonary rehabilitation has come a long way since the pilot programs of the 1960s and is now buttressed by a sizeable evidence base. This presentation summarizes the current state of the art and focuses on measurable patient-relevant outcomes as they relate to pulmonary rehabilitation.

3:30 P.M.–3:55 P.M.
Pulmonary Rehabilitation as a Disease Management Program
Barry J Make MD, Denver CO
This presentation explains how the concept of disease management applies to pulmonary rehabilitation and summarizes both the evidence base and the practicalities pertaining to this approach.

4:00 P.M.–4:25 P.M.
Neuropsychiatric Issues in Chronic Lung Disease: The Role of Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Charles F Emery PhD, Columbus OH
This presentation reviews the expanding evidence base on the importance of neuropsychiatric aspects of chronic lung disease, especially COPD, and how these are relevant to pulmonary rehabilitation.

4:30 P.M.–4:55 P.M.
Making a Rehabilitation Program Work: Program Organization, Outcome Assessment Tools, and Practical Strategies for Success
Despite the evidence base supporting its use, pulmonary rehabilitation continues to face legislative, regulatory, administrative, and financial hurdles. This presentation reviews the current situation and provides practical guidance for making a program work from an organizational and reimbursement perspective.

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