AARC Congress 2012 Gazette
for Friday, November 9

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AARC reaches out to New Orleans community

Your Lung Health Event

The AARC Congress is centered around educating respiratory professionals, but every year we carve out some time to make sure our host community benefits from the expertise we bring to town as well, by hosting a Your Lung Health community event.

This year’s program will take place Friday afternoon from 1–4 pm at the St. Thomas Community Wellness Center at 2010 Magazine St. AARC members will visit with New Orleans residents who come by to learn more about respiratory conditions like asthma and COPD and how to minimize the symptoms they cause. They will also provide instruction on the proper use of aerosol medication delivery devices to those who have already been diagnosed and are using these drugs, and perform COPD screening and spirometry.

Welcome to the largest respiratory care meeting in the world

Cheryl Hoerr Cheryl Hoerr

by Cheryl Hoerr MBA RRT FAARC, Program Committee Chair
As provisions outlined in the Affordable Care Act begin to be implemented in hospitals all across the country, RTs are being asked to look at new and different ways of addressing patient care. From reducing avoidable hospital readmissions to improving patient satisfaction to implementing evidence-based medicine, we’re on the frontlines of change; and this week in New Orleans you’ll learn the latest strategies from the best minds in the business.

Here’s what you’ll find at this year’s “Gold Standard” meeting in the respiratory care profession:

  • Hundreds of presentations on need-to-know information you can take back home and put to work in your facilities.
  • The hottest advances in patient care and technology in an Exhibit Hall filled with all the respiratory manufacturers in the industry.
  • Original research presented by and for RTs in 20 Open Forums spread over the 4 days of the Congress.
  • All the CRCE credit you need to maintain your state license.
  • Programs targeting all areas of the profession: adult critical care, neonatal/pediatric care, home care, continuing care/rehabilitation, diagnostics, transport, management, education, sleep, and long-term care.

So welcome to New Orleans and the 58th International Convention & Exhibition. We think you’ll agree: AARC Congress 2012 is where the science of our past will collide with the changes of our present to create the vision for our future. Have a great meeting!

Aviation safety expert John J. Nance to deliver keynote address

John J. Nance at AARC Congress 2012

Aviation safety expert John J. Nance will deliver the keynote address during the opening ceremonies of the AARC International Respiratory Convention & Exhibition in New Orleans tomorrow morning.

An aviation consultant for ABC World News Tonight and Good Morning America, Nance is a familiar face and dynamic speaker who has spent the last few years working to bring safety measures that have worked in military and civilian aviation to hospitals. His award-winning book Why Hospitals Should Fly outlines the potential for concepts like Crew Resource Management (CRM) and safety checklists to revolutionize patient safety.

Nance is expected to reference CRM throughout the keynote and discuss how this and other aviation principles should be infused into the culture of American health care. He’ll also talk about the Patient Safety Checklists developed by the AARC over the past year and how RTs can and should put them to work in their facilities.

Captain Nance will no doubt give Congress attendees much to consider as they think about new ways to work toward improved safety in their facilities.

Support for the keynote address is being provided through an unrestricted educational grant from Fisher & Paykel Healthcare.
Fisher & Paykel

Exhibit Hall promises latest in technology and more

AARC Congress 2012 Exhibit Hall

The Exhibit Hall will open tomorrow morning immediately after the opening ceremonies and—with all the respiratory care companies in the industry—promises to provide one-stop shopping for Congress attendees who want to see what the latest in technology has to offer.

Since it’s all a “buying show” too, everyone will be able to take advantage of special Congress discounts to make purchases right on the Exhibit Hall floor. In many cases, the deals will be so good that they couldn’t even be beat by those offered through group-purchasing organizations. In fact, attendees who take advantage of the buying show concept are often able to cover the cost of their attendance to the meeting and still go home with significant savings for their organizations.

The Exhibit Hall will be open from 11 am–4 pm, Saturday–Monday.

Get what you came for!

Networking at AARC Congress 2012

If you’re on your way to New Orleans this week to learn everything you can about the latest treatments and modalities in respiratory care and the impact that health care reform and other measures are going to have on the profession, you’re probably wondering how you’ll be able to take in everything you want to see. Here are some quick tips you can use to ensure you get what you came for:

  • Budget time after sessions to visit with lecturers and ask questions—all the lecturers at AARC Congress 2012 (even the biggest names on the agenda) will be available after their talks to speak directly with attendees.
  • Network with your colleagues to learn more about what they’re doing at their facilities and explore job opportunities around the country.
  • Collect business cards of the folks you meet and jot down notes on the back of the cards to remember who’s who and why they may be important to your future.
  • Use the Congress to explore new career paths. All of the Specialty Sections and many of the Roundtables are hosting meetings, and everyone (not just current members) is invited to attend.
  • Set aside time each day to visit the Exhibit Hall and make a list of the vendors you want to see during each excursion. Remember, the hall is open Saturday through Monday, so you don’t have to see it all at once.
  • Ask vendors to share the scientific proof behind their new technologies and inquire about opportunities to conduct joint research projects.
  • Take advantage of vendor-sponsored events and be sure to request follow-up calls or visits from vendors once you get back home.

Register for AARC Congress 2013 NOW and save!

AARC Congress 2012 attendees will have the opportunity to register for AARC Congress 2013 while they are at the meeting this week and save $100 off the normal registration fee. But if you couldn’t make it to New Orleans, you can still take advantage of the savings. Register online for the 2013 meeting by Tuesday at 5 pm CST and save $100 off your registration fee as well.

AARC Congress 2013 will take place in Anaheim, CA, Nov. 16–19, 2013.


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