Aerosol Guide

CRCE: 6 hours | Cost: Free for AARC members, $15 for non-members

Respiratory therapists are the only health care providers who receive extensive formal education and who are tested for competency in aerosol therapy. The RT’s ability to serve patients with acute chronic respiratory disease as the expert in aerosol therapy allows the concept of “art” and “science” to take on a practical reality.

Mastery of both the art and science of aerosol delivery can have a profound impact on appropriately matching medications and delivery devices to optimize your patients’ clinical outcomes. The third edition of this Aerosol Guide delivers detailed and comprehensive information that, when combined with your dedication and commitment to be the professional experts in this important area, will empower you to provide guidance to your physician, nurse, and pharmacist colleagues—but, most importantly, to your patients.

This booklet is available for download in Adobe Reader format.

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